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Introduction  Part 2:


Now that you've downloaded racing data and QuickDog has converted that information into its database, you are ready to select a track and race program and handicap those races.  After QuickDog converts the downloaded data it will present to you ONLY the list of tracks for which you have downloaded data.  Figure 1 below includes a listing that assumes you've download all of the tracks which QuickDog can handicap.  As a new user, however, only the tracks you've selected and downloaded data for will be shown.

Figure 1 - Select a Track Display

Find the track of interest in the list.  Move your cursor so that it is overtop of the track name desired and LEFT CLICK your mouse.

Figure 2 - Selecting a Race Card

Once you've selected a track, Figure 2 will appear.

The first 6 selection buttons are labeled clearly enough.  However, some of those 6 options may not be available.  For example, if you click TODAY'S AFTERNOON RACE CARD and the dogs don't run at that track in the afternoon, then you will not be able to access that race program unless you select "TODAY'S EVENING RACE CARD" or "RACE CARD LIST" (which includes a list of all race cards for the track selected).  If a program does exist, then the handicapping display will appear so that you can handicap the race program.  If you click on a selection and no program exists, then the TRACK LIST - Figure 1 - will appear again.  You may then reselect the track and choose another option.

The "RACE CARD LIST" button will display a list of all race cards available for the track selected.  You may then select a specific date from that list.  Select "RACE CARD LIST".

Figure 3 - List of Available Race Cards for the Track Selected

The list shown will include all race programs with results if available for those race programs in QuickDog's database.  To obtain more races, you must repeat the downloading process - click here.

Notice that some program names are colored YELLOW while more are colored WHITE.  A YELLOW color indicates that a race program has been downloaded but its chart file (results file) hasn't been downloaded.  A WHITE color indicates that the results have been downloaded for the race program listed.

To handicap any race program shown, simply click on that race program, and the handicapping screen will appear.  Notice that once a handicapping screen appears, the Menu Bar also appears active (color changes from gray to black).  

At this point you can access all Menu Bar features.  After selecting a menu bar feature, while working with that feature you will notice that the menu bar is once again grayed out (inactive).  Only after completing the use of the selected feature can you select another Menu Bar feature.

QuickDog provides several methods of handicapping.  In order to get the most out of QuickDog, you must explore the various methods and how they work at your track.  To learn more about the handicapping methods, click on the "Handicapping Tools" on the menu to the left of this information at the top of this page.  You can then read about each method by clicking on its name.

Remember, as you select any menu bar feature, you can press the F1 Keyboard Button to popup this online user's guide which will immediately display information on how to use that feature.


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