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QuickDog HELP Topics

Selecting the HELP Menu Bar item will display a graphic help menu that can aid you in learning about many of QuickDog's features.

Though that help is available, we do recommend you use the Online User's guide as it sorts all the information on all the features based on the Menu Bar configuration - See the Left Hand Side of this web page for the Top Level Menu Bar Items.  Each Item can be clicked on to access the Drop Down Menus for that feature - if available.

Here is an image of the popup that is displayed in QuickDog if you select the HELP Menu Bar Item.

Figure 1 - The QuickDog Help Topics Menu

The features listed ABOVE the line which says "PLEASE CONNECT TO THE INTERNET..." will display notepad help files for any of the button options selected.

The features below that line require you to CONNECT to the internet in order to access those features.

Press the Right Mouse Button to exit this help popup.


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