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Selecting P04E Auto Tipsheets

During the free trial subscription and also for the last 30 days of an existing paid subscription, this feature is available to all QuickDog Users so that they can try out the feature.  

If you subscribe to QuickDog after your free trial or resubscribe to QuickDog this feature is an option to the program and is available for an additional fee - see the subscription page - click here.  This subscription is called a "P04E subscription", and therefore we've named the feature "P04E Auto Tipsheets".

There are two styles of tipsheets available.  The first is a single track version and is so named because it represents a single track race program tipsheet.  Whether that program be an afternoon, evening, or extra program.  

Style number two, the "Multi-Track Tipsheet", allows you to select any number of our tracks and the tipsheet then consists of all of the races for today that are requested.  Also, this second tipsheet orders the races according to anticipated post time of each race.  For example, if you choose Birmingham, Gulf, and Wheeling Island, then the tipsheets will intermix the races in anticipated post time order. 

To recap, two styles of tipsheet are available, one listing only the races of one track, and the other listing several tracks and the races are listed in post time order.

Either of these two styles of tipsheet are for those QuickDog Users without a lot of time to study the sport of handicapping.  We've done all of the handicapping according to what we feel are important factors and all you do is answer a few questions, and QuickDog will automatically build a tipsheet using settings that QuickReckoning has tuned for specific tracks, distances, grades, and most importantly wagers.

Keep in mind that other than answering a few questions during the use of this particular feature, you can not change the selections in any way.

The first type of tipsheet, the single track tipsheet feature allows the user to select a Track and Wager combination to access a list of tipsheets which QuickDog will almost instantly create.

This user's guide section assumes you are a new user, and therefore your trial subscription will allow you to access this feature.  Click on the P04E_Auto_Tipsheets selection on the drop down menu.  Figure 1 will appear.

Figure 1 - Tipsheet Menu 1

This menu is solely for informational purposes and describes the difference between the standard QuickDog license known as P03E, and the P04E license which includes access to this tipsheet feature.  Select OK to continue.  Figure 1a appears and its allows you to choose from the two styles of tipsheets that are available.  

Figure 1a - 2 Styles:  Single Track or Multi-Track Tipsheets

Single Track Tipsheet

We'll walk through the Single Track Tipsheet selection process first, then come back and do the Multi-Track Tipsheet.  Click on the "SINGLE TRACK TIPSHEET" button.  A track list appears as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 - Selecting your favorite track

This display lists the tracks available to you.  Locate the track you wish to handicap today, and click on that track.  If you wish to have more than one tipsheet (more than one track), then you can repeat this process to access other tracks one at a time.

Figure 3 - Selecting a Wager

Figure 3 displays all the wagers which QuickReckoning has "tuned" specifically for every track that you can play with QuickDog.  These wagers have been tested using historical races in the past month so that the methods produce the highest possible Win Percentage for the particular wager.  They may very well have different selections for today's races depending on how many dogs are involved in the outcome.  If you only bet to Win, then select the WIN Wager.  Otherwise, depending on the exotic wager you play most of the time, select one of those wagers.  You can repeat this process to access as many different wager specific tipsheets as you wish.  Select the EXACTA-PERFECTA - BOX 4 wager to display a popup similar to that shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 - Tipsheets Available using Different QuickDog Methods

You must be online to use the Tipsheet feature as all of the data necessary to produce the tipsheet comes from our web site.  You will notice that each tipsheet is named according to the QuickDog Method that produced it.  Only by reading about these methods using QuickDog can you understand how each works.  This much you can determine by looking at any of them - the dogs are selected in the order they are picked to finish.

Now follow the directions on this display to select any number of tipsheets shown.  Then select the CONTINUE button.  As you select tipsheets the color changes from WHITE to YELLOW, and if you reselect that tipsheet you are "de-selecting it" and it's line color changes back to WHITE.

After selecting CONTINUE, then your selections will be generated on your computer and placed into different folders on your computer.  These folders are named consistently with the wager types you've selected.  A Windows file display popup will appear once you've generated the requested tipsheets and appears similar to the following popup.  See Figure 5.

Figure 5 - All the tipsheets selected

If you have selected this wager in the past, then you will also see other recently selected tipsheets.  You must delete those tipsheets when you no longer need them.  To view or print a tipsheet simply double click on that tipsheet and a notepad window will appear displaying the tipsheet.  Noticed that the tipsheets are named according to the track/date/QuickDog Method.

Multi-Track Tipsheet

By reselecting the menu bar feature "P04E Auto Tipsheets", Figure 1 appears again, then by selecting OK, Figure 1a appears.  This time we select "MULTI-TRACK TIPSHEETS".  There is a 2 page setup process used to select options for the Multi-Track Tipsheet.  Page 1 is shown in Figure 6, and it appears after we select the "MULTI-TRACK TIPSHEETS" button.

Figure 6 - Page 1 Setup for Multi-Track Tipsheets

First note the underline cursor in the only enterable field on this display.  QuickDog can remember the setup you used for Multi-Track Tipsheet based on the day of the week.  QuickDog stores the information recorded on this page and the 2nd page of the setup because a grouping of tracks that you play might be different from day to day.  If the day displayed in Step 1 above has already been setup with a list of tracks (as is the case in our example) then you will see high lighted in YELLOW the tracks that have been selected.  You can page through and select other tracks.  As you do these are automatically saved for the day in question.  If you don't care what day it is but you do want to save several setups, then you can enter a 3 character word into Step 1, and your setup will be saved by using that word.  However, you'll find this feature easier to use if you stick with our use of DAYS for this field.  Each DAY can be represented by 3 characters - Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun.  After selecting the tracks you wish to handicap today, click on the NEXT button.  

Figure 7 which is page 2 of the setup appears.

Figure 7 - Page 2 of setup for Multi-Track Tipsheets

Just as you did for the Single Track Tipsheet you can select a specific wager from our list of available wagers.  Notice, however, for this tipsheet you also have more selections to make.  Since you are going to be handicapping multiple tracks, you may want to filter the total number of races listed so that only the top plays are shown in your tipsheet.  How do you know what a "top play" is?  Well, that's up to you.  You can tell QuickDog to list only the races where your specific wager was successful (% WINS) some percentage of the time.  For example, if the chances of picking a dog to win is 12.5% just by chance, then you certainly wouldn't want to see those types of races where QuickDog's method picked less than 12.5%.  

To be honest, no QuickDog method picks worse than chance, not if you are using QuickDog correctly, so perhaps you wouldn't want to play a race unless QuickDog is giving you twice as good a chance as "pure chance" (in this case that would be 25%).  Or maybe 30%.  So, by entering 30 in the % WINS box, only those races in your tipsheet handicapped by a method that has won at least 30% of the time when backtested on past races will appear.  For the other races, well, they simply won't be in your tipsheet.  This means if you were to select 100% for this field, you would always get a BLANK TIPSHEET.  

Now that you have selected a percentage of success how good is that?  What is it based on?  Doesn't  that depend on how many races were used to backtest the method which produced this hit rate?  YES!  This means that if a particular method was only tested on 2 back races and it hit 50%, well that doesn't really mean that much.  Our methods are tested based on 100 back races for the most part.

So you also have the ability to insist that the method was thoroughly tested by entering the minimum number of races used to test it.  QuickReckoning only uses a maximum number of 100 races because we feel that this is enough to produce a trend.  But in some cases, 100 races were not available so that number could be less.  At any rate, entering 100 is ok, but if you enter 101 races, you'll get no results in your tipsheet because 100 is as many races as we backtest.  If you are comfortable with only 50 races, then enter 50.

The field which says "TODAY'S" cannot be changed.  We only provide for picking today's races as far as tipsheets go.  QuickDog allows you to handicap future dates, but only if you want to use it to handicap rather than use a tipsheet.

You may select Evening/Afternoon/Both depending on what performances you wish to handicap.  We've just released this Multi-Track Tipsheet and, depending on its reception, we do want to include EXTRA Programs for those tracks which do have additional programs.

Finally, and most importantly, you must select a QuickDog Method.  There are 5 QuickDog methods which you can read about by using the Menu to the left hand side of this web page.  Those 5 methods are "Standard", "Knife", "Knife Adapted", "Morgan", and "Consensus".There is also a 6th option - BEST OF ALL METHODS - which we recommend you always use.  This option automatically selects the best QuickDog method for the particular race and is based on which method was better at predicting the winner over the same number of races tested in the past.

As you can see it's quite a rapid process to setup a Multi-Track Tipsheet.  After completing the setup, click "CREATE TIPSHEET" and QuickDog will produce it within a few seconds.

Figure 8 - After creating the Tipsheet the Print Options are displayed

When prompted you may either print the tipsheet to the printer or print it to a file.  Some users report that the printer option works, while others MUST USE THE PRINT TO FILE option and then print from notepad.  We recommend always selecting PRINT TO FILE which will immediately popup your tipsheet using notepad so that you can review it, then print it, or you might simply want to produce another tipsheet because you wish to change some of the settings.  If you do not see the popup shown in Figure 8, then we've probably removed that step and immediately instead you will see something similar to that shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9 - Notepad displays the Multi-Track Tipsheet

Note the anticipated post times.  Though the first 3 races shown are all from Southland, that may not be the case.  The races are sorted based on anticipated post time.  If you notice a post time that is significantly different (especially for the first race of a race program at a particular track), then please let us know which track and which day.  We can then fix this problem.  The intent is that these post times be close unless this is a holiday or other special situation when the start time was changed.


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